Industry Groups
AEBIOM - Biomass Association
APEX - Association of Power Exchanges
CAN - Climate Action Network Europe
CIGRE- International Council on Large Electric Systems Cogen Europe
EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders
EPIA - Photovoltaic Industry Association
EPPSA - Power Plant Suppliers' Association
EREC - Renewable Energy Council
EREF - Renewable Energies Federation
ESHA - Small Hydro Association
ESTIF - Solar Thermal Industry Federation
ETSO - Transmission System Operator Association
EURACOAL - Association for Coal and Lignite
EUREC- association of Renewable Energy Research Centres
Euroheat & Power
Eurelectric - Union of the Electricity Industry
EuroPex - Association of European Power Exchanges
EWEA - Wind Energy Association
FEDARENE - Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies
Foratom - Atomic Forum
Geode - Energy Distribution Company association
IETA – International Emissions Trading Association
IFIEC Europe - industrial consumers association
MEDELEC - Liaison Committee of Electric Companies of the Mediterranean Basin
UCTE - Union for Co-operation in Electricity Transmission
WADE - World Alliance for Decentralized Energy

Environmental and Renewables Links
AGORES - info on renewable energy
ATLAS - energy research and technological development
CADDET - renewable energy (IEA)
Carbon Finance at World Bank
E5 - business council for sustainable energy
European Commission environmental portal
ECEEE - European council for an energy efficient economy
EEA - European Environmental Agency
EEB - European Environmental Bureau
EUFORES - Forum for Renewable Energy
European environmental law site
INFORSE - International Network for Sustainable Energy
managEnergy - energy saving and renewables
RECerT - renewable electricity certificate trading project
RECS - renewable energy certificate system
RECS CMO -  central monitoring office
REEEP - renewable energy and efficiency partnership
TRECKIN - tradable renewable energy certificates

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