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Responsible Electrical Engineers
26.10.2021 - China Metallurgical Smederevo

China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Serbia d.o.o. Smederevo

Responsible Electrical Engineers

Job Description:
Sign and seal the construction log that will be submitted to Party A, and sign the subcontracting settlement bill of quantities.
Prepare a signature and seal for Work Amount Calculation Rules’ manual that will be submitted to Party A and seek confirmation from the supervisor.
On-site construction technology, quality and schedule management.
Compile the construction schedule according to the requirements of the supervision.
Participate in necessary meetings, especially those involving technology and drawings.
As the drawings change sometimes, the responsible engineer should be responsible to come up with an effective solution.
Strengthen communication with the Party A and the supervisor to improve the inspection work of each process on site.
Completion of project sequence acceptance and project completion acceptance.
Supervise the entire construction process of the project to ensure that every job on site construction meets the requirements of Serbian laws, regulations and standards.
Complete other tasks assigned by the project department.

Job Requirement:
Have 450/451 certificate. Can communicate in English at work.
Have the experience in civil engineer management.

Welfare and Benefits:
Annual leave; paid leave; holiday gifts; staff dinner; meal allowance; transportation allowance; regular medical examination and medical insurance and other allowances.
Half year salary adjustment.
Potential chance to study and visit of company headquarter in China.
An international project and platform for your career life.
Salary: 900€-1400€.

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