Offshore Wind Power P. Tavner

Offshore Wind Power, 2nd Edition
Reliability, availability and maintenance
by Peter Tavner

Publication Year: 2021
Pages: 401
ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-333-4

The development of offshore wind power has become a pressing energy issue, driven by the need to find new electrical power sources and to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Offshore wind farms can harness tremendous wind resources without annoying citizens and with a comparatively low environmental impact. They are thus becoming a central pillar of a carbon free energy system. However offshore turbines and wind farms are costly to install and maintain, making reliability and cost-effectiveness key issues. This work covers reliability of offshore wind farms as a whole, starting from weather and wind conditions, dealing with wind turbine technology, farm layout, monitoring, safety and maintenance. The thoroughly revised second edition additionally covers turbines of up to 10 MW, turbine design changes, turbine converters, HVDC converter stations and DC links, offshore sub-sea collector and export cables, and the structures supporting large offshore wind farms.

Offshore Wind Power is essential reading for scientists, engineers, technicians and advanced students interested or engaged in the design of wind turbines, drivetrain technology and power mechatronics, in academia and industry.

About the Author
Peter Tavner is Emeritus Professor of New and Renewable Energy at Durham University, UK. Prior assignments include Group Technical Director of FKI Energy Technology, and Principal Investigator of international wind power consortia. He was President of the European Academy of Wind Energy. His research focuses on generating energy from the wind, including generator and turbine technology.

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