France devotes 30 billion euros to energy transition
SEPTEMBER 07, 2020 - fr24

The French government has launched a new Covid-19 recovery plan which includes 30 billion euros to invest in the energy transition.

The first priority is the creation of a hydrogen economy, with 2 billion euros to invest by the end of 2022 and 7.2 billion euros until 2030. The money will be used for R&D activities and industrial electrolysis development projects.

These figures show how hydrogen has grown in importance in energy strategies at state level. The French government will present the country’s new plans for hydrogen on 8 sept.

Enerplan, the French solar association, underlined the importance of solar in the production of green hydrogen. “PSolar production, along with other renewable energies, can form the basis of a great ambition for the production of carbon-free hydrogen,” said the trade body. “The storage of renewable electricity is a challenge for the years to come, hydrogen coupled with solar parks is a particularly suitable response.

The package includes 7 billion euros for the renovation of buildings. However, the only reference to renewables in this category is renewable heat. Enerplan said energy-related renovations should incorporate self-consumption into buildings as much as possible.

“Whether it is heat or electricity, solar thermal and photovoltaic installations allow direct savings in carbon emissions,” said Enerplan. “Regulatory action must be taken urgently to facilitate the use of solar electricity for all buildings and for the smart charging of electric cars.”

The French association of renewable energies SER welcomed the project to accelerate the renovation of buildings.

“However, it is essential that the support systems for individuals become really operational for all French households, both for overall renovation operations and for other types of work, and that the government can guarantee rapid processing of requests” , explained SER.

SER also said that a sustainable recovery will require continued support for renewable energy.

In addition, the French government has decided to allocate 11 billion euros to decarbonize the transport sector. In the electric vehicle sector, it allocated € 100 million to the development of terminals for electric vehicles, in order to reach the national target of 100,000 terminals by 2021.

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