How Ocean Waves Could Become the Primary Power Source for Our Homes
Sep 8, 2023 -

Harnessing sun and wind for renewable energy has long been our focus, but a vast untapped potential lies in our ocean waves. Similar to how dams use flowing water, the kinetic energy in waves could provide a substantial portion of the United States` energy needs. If utilized, the power of U.S. coast waves could equate to 2.64 trillion kilowatt-hours, covering about 64% of 2021`s national utility usage. Especially during winter, when waves are more vigorous, energy yield could be significant. Introducing the Waveline Magnet: a decade-long innovation in wave energy conversion. Designed like a serpent, this device attaches to the ocean`s surface, harmonizing with its motions to reduce wear. Comprising a spine, platforms, levers, and a power takeoff, this system is engineered to capture the ocean`s kinetic energy. The power takeoff pumps and pressurizes seawater, effectively converting wave energy into usable power. This was proven in a test off Scotland, where sizable waves generated an impressive 140 gigawatts annually.

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