Wind power in Brazil represents 9% of the energy matrix
JULY 22, 2020 - mercopress

Wind energy is advancing in Brazil and now represents 9% of the energy matrix the state of Ceará, northeast, ended 2018 with 2,050.5 MW of installed wind power capacity, in 80 wind farms.

The State has the third largest installed capacity in the country, behind Bahía, with 3,572.5 MW and Río Grande do Norte, with 4,043.1 MW. The data was published by the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy (Abeeólica)

In Brazil, the installed power of wind energy reached 14.71 GW, with 583 wind farms and more than 7 thousand wind turbines in 12 states. The wind generation produced from January to November was enough to supply 23 million homes in one month.

In addition to the 14.71 GW of installed capacity, there are another 4.33 GW already contracted in construction or project. According to the Association, at the end of 2024, there will be at least 19.04 GW, considering only contracts already made at auctions and with published free-market grants and contracts signed so far.

The share of wind energy within the Brazilian energy matrix is 9%, being the third most representative source. The second is biomass (9.1%) and the first is hydroelectric, with 60.4%.

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