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ICPE 2023
DEC 11-13, 2023 - Macau, China

ICPE 2023
4th International Conference on Power Engineering (ICPE 2023) will take place in Macau, China from December 11-13, 2023.

Power Engineering is a robust backbone that has facilitated the rapid development of the global economy. As a core area of modern science, it finds applications in diverse fields, such as environmental, energy, aerospace, industrial, and transportation. With the support of emerging technologies, Power Engineering is becoming increasingly intelligent. The growing demand for electricity and its immense development potential has led to a surge in research and innovation worldwide.

ICPE 2023 aims to summarize and exchange the latest research results of power engineering technology in China, especially the Greater Bay Area, promote the development and exchange of power technology worldwide, and explore new applications of power technology. It provides a communication platform for experts and scholars in the field of power engineering technology and related research to exchange the latest research results and explore academic development directions.

The conference will showcase new power engineering technologies and promote their application. Additionally, it features several activities, including youth forums, excellent paper competitions, and academic visits, which provide new development ideas and a platform for young learners to showcase their abilities and levels.

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