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Transmission & Distribution Conference 2023
NOV 14-15, 2023 - Fort Worth, USA

Transmission & Distribution Conference 2023
Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2023
Fort Worth, TX, USA

Join us this November when we bring our transmission and distribution events back together – reunited to form the CEATI T&D Conference! This event will take place in Fort Worth, TX on Nov 14-15, 2023 and will cover all T&D assets including transmission and distribution lines, as well as substations, grounding & lightning, and vegetation management. With focus on utility best practices, tools, and technologies to improve grid resiliency and reliability, attendees will gain a better understanding of opportunities and tools available to aid in the adaptation to regulatory requirements and climate change.

Specific sessions will focus on the following themes:
aging infrastructure and reliability
preparation for and response to extreme events
wildfire prevention and mitigation
clean energy and emerging technology
safety and security

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