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PV ModuleTech Europe
NOV 28-29, 2023 - Barcelona, Spain

PV ModuleTech Europe
28-29 November 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

The European market is now the main region for PV module deployment, outside China. Module supply to Europe today is now running close to the 100-GW per annum level, as demand continues to grow rapidly across all European countries and PV market segments.

Module supply to Europe is still being fulfilled mainly by Chinese companies, producing cells and modules in China and shipping the modules to Europe. Indeed, almost all Chinese module producers set ambitious shipment targets to Europe in 2023 and there is a strong possibility that this trend will continue into 2024.

The drive for module supplier component traceability (or ESG) is largely coming from in-house buying changes of large corporates or institutional investors, rather than policy being introduced directly across the European Union. This presents a major challenge to purchasing teams, having to understand how much of the upstream module component supply-chain (polysilicon, wafers and cells) is made by the module supplier or through third-party producers.

PV ModuleTech Europe 2023 is a two-day conference that tackles these challenges directly, with an agenda that addresses all aspects of module supplier selection; product availability, technology offerings, traceability of supply-chain, factory auditing, module testing and reliability, and company bankability.

PV ModuleTech Europe 2023 provides the perfect forum to connect module sellers with module buyers, while having the participation of third-party entities engaged in the testing and inspection of the product and company selling the modules.

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