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NEIS 2023
SEP 04-05, 2023 - Hamburg, Germany

NEIS - Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems!

The conference will take place on September 4th & 5th as a hybrid event with virtual and in-person presence in Hamburg, Germany.

The conference provides a forum for scientists to discuss key aspects of a sustainable energy system with a focus on Methods and practical approaches to planning and managing the power system.

Since 2013 it provides a forum for scientists and experts to discuss prospective and recent developments in the fields of energy supply and energy storage technologies. The promotion of renewable energies started a paradigm shift away from fossil and nuclear energy towards a sustainable and safe energy supply. This necessary transition also poses challenges for the entire power systems of today, requiring innovative approaches and the establishment of new framework conditions. The NEIS conference offers researchers a platform to present their newest findings in the fields of renewable energies, energy storage, power grids and their protection. Special emphasis is placed on the system technical consideration as well as the analysis and optimization of the power sector. These include future strategies for improved network integration of fluctuating energy sources and grid control concepts with decentralized power plant units.

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