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T&D World Live
SEP 12-14, 2023 - Sacramento, USA

T&D World Live
September 12-14, 2023
Sacramento, CA, USA

The changes facing the electric power industry are more extreme now than they have been since the beginning of the grid. Energy transition and transformation aren’t just overused buzzwords – they’re an accurate representation of what must happen in the industry to meet rising demands. Transformation must happen in the transmission and distribution grids, with some responsible transitioning along the way.

Climate change has prompted the desire to quickly decarbonize and electrify, changing the way electric power is created and consumed. Changing weather patterns and extreme weather events, which fed off each other to gain fearsome power, have destroyed billions of dollars in T&D infrastructure. The extremes show no signs of moderating.

The task of providing reliable and resilient electricity to the masses has never been more complex or more expensive. It is no longer appropriate for utilities to simply repair and rebuild like they’ve done in the past. They must understand the changing climate and adapt to it. They also must address more than just the physical climate and consider climates related to regulations, politics, economics, technology, customer expectations and more.

As the leading media source to electric utilities for 75 years, T&D World has accompanied utilities on their journey as they adapt to and address the complex and ever-changing issues and trends that arise. We are excited to add T&D World Live as our newest resource to help utilities gain knowledge and insight into a challenging, yet exciting future.

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