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ADMS and DERMS Implementation Lessons and Challenges
SEP 19-20, 2023 - Denver, US & Online

ADMS and DERMS Implementation Lessons and Challenges
September 19-20, 2023 | Denver, CO, US and Online

Distribution operators face a formidable challenge as they need to respond to outages more effectively and increase reliability to suit a more demanding customer base, all while figuring out the place for distributed energy resources on the system. Automated Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) offer technological solutions for those challenges by integrating DERs, increasing security, responding to outages more quickly, and enhancing overall system reliability. Register today to gain useful and actionable information from a variety of utility users and industry and technology experts on how ADMS can benefit your organization.

Learning Outcomes
Discover SaskPower`s grid modernization journey and what has been learned
Review what Oklahoma Gas & Electric has been learned from their ADMS deployment
Discuss some of the freshest questions facing the industry and how they are being addressed by the industry
Expand on how Fault Isolation and Service Restoration (FISR) has been an invaluable asset for Alabama Power
Engage in a conversational panel on challenges with implementing an ADMS system
Assess the considerations and drivers for DERMS for Arizona Public Service
Review DERMS functionalities & capabilities and roles of ADMS and DERMS systems
Review a few examples of evaluating different ADMS applications
Engage with this technology panel discussion on DER integration into ADMS

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