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DynPOWER 2023
SEP 25, 2023 - Delft, Netherlands & online

DynPOWER 2023
Delft, Netherlands, on 25 September 2023

The 7th international workshop on dynamic stability challenges of the future power grids DynPOWER will take place in the Mondai House of AI, Delft, Netherlands, on 25 September 2023. After a series of successful workshops in the past years placed in Winterthur, Switzerland, the organizing committee decided to continue to bring communities together for the first time outside of Switzerland to discuss, interact, and work on some of the most pressing problems facing energy systems.

The 2023 workshop will cover a broad range of topics around power systems dynamics and applications of big data and machine learning to dynamic simulators in two separated sessions. The speakers will represent transmission system operators, leader technological companies and respected universities. The workshop will allow attendees to engage our speakers with real-time questions and discussions thanks to the hybrid modality.

This year we expect to host attendees on site, and as in our previous events, the presentations will be streamed to give access to our international audience that we have gained over the last years. Moreover, the 2023 edition has few novelties for the in-person attendees such as technical tours and one poster session, where participants can have the chance to exhibit their own work.

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