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DOGAĐAJI - više događaja

SEP 26-29, 2023 - Belgrade, Serbia

SYNERGY-2023: Conference on Smart and Innovative eNERGY management
Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade, Serbia, September 26-29, 2023

The European electricity system undergoes significant changes driven by the EU common rules for the internal market for electricity, as well as by the climate action agenda. With solar and wind power on the rise, grid operators need new equipment to make the whole power system operate flexibly. Hence novel sensors, advanced data exchange infrastructures, and data handling capabilities that make use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and distributed ledger technologies are needed to enhance forecasting, allow the remote monitoring and management of distributed generation and improve asset optimisation. Smart Energy Management refers to a variety of novel concepts and technologies, serving at both energy generation and consumption side, such as energy efficiency, demand management, Smart Grid, micro-grids, renewable energy sources (RES), and other emerging solutions. It represents one of the fastest developing fields, according to the EU priorities, while, at the same time, it remains somewhat neglected in the South-eastern Europe countries.

Specific topics covered by the conference program include, but are not limited to:
Smart grid technologies (for power generation, transmission and distribution systems, and energy conversion and storage devices)
Renewable Energy (wind power, hydropower, solar energy, biomass, biofuel, geothermal energy, wave energy, tidal energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, energy storage); Energy-related forecasting;
Energy-efficient building operation
Big Data, Artificial intelligence and machine learning studies.

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