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PSGEC 2023
AUG 24-26, 2023 - Shanghai, China

2023 3rd Power System And Green Energy Conference (PSGEC 2023)
Aug. 24-26, 2023 / Shanghai, China

As the development of economy, environment has been polluted and damaged seriously. To prevent global climate disasters, large scale development and utilization of green energy, have become an important part of the energy strategy of all countries in the world. Currently, green energy, such as wind power and solar power, has been developed rapidly and has played an important role in energy supply. However, the power system operation is facing a big challenge for a large amount of green energy integration due to its randomness and fluctuation.
This conference focuses on the latest research on "power system and green energy", and it is dedicated to promoting the exchange and discussion among scientists, scholars, researchers and engineers of power industry on the above topic.

Thus, it will promote the development of power system and green energy.
2023 3rd Power System and Green Energy Conference (PSGEC 2023) will be held in Shanghai, China during Aug. 24-26, 2023. PSGEC 2023 is organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, media supported by Journal Proceedings of the CSEE, CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems(CSEE JPES), Automation of Electric Power System, Power System Protection and Control, Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems, POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY, High Voltage Engineering, Electric Power Automation Equipment, High Voltage, Electric Power Information and Communication Technology, Journal of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering, Electric and Machines and Control, and Electric Machines and Control Applications etc.

We warmly welcome prospective authors to submit their new research or technological contributions to PSGEC 2023, for sharing valuable experiences with scientists and students from around the world.

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