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SGES 2023
AUG 25-27, 2023 - Guiyang, China

2023 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy Systems(SGES 2023)
August 25-27, 2023 Guiyang, China

The smart grid can optimize the energy layout so that the existing energy system can maximize its production efficiency; moreover, the smart grid can make the traditional grid and the new energy architecture interconnected, interoperable, and mutually beneficial, and the stability and reliability of power supply will be further enhanced. . Therefore, whether it is from an economic point of view or a technical point of view, for the future, the smart grid will be the best choice to play a leading role.

Climate warming and energy shortage are the wide-ranging public crises that human beings have encountered so far. The transition to a low-carbon green economy has become a major trend in economic development. Energy conservation and emission reduction, green energy, and sustainable development have gradually become national concerns. hot spot. Therefore, this session will continue to discuss research areas such as the smart grid, and energy systems.

The conference aims to provide international cooperation and exchange platform for experts, scholars, and enterprise developers in the fields of smart grid, energy systems, and other areas to share research results, discuss existing problems and challenges and explore cutting-edge technologies. The conference invites domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutions experts, scholars, business people, and other relevant personnel to participate in the forum and exchange. Scholars at home and abroad are welcome to submit papers and participate in the conference.

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