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Energy Storage Summit Asia
JUL 11-12, 2023 - Singapore

Energy Storage Summit Asia
11 – 12 July 2023 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Energy storage technologies are playing an increasingly significant role in helping the Asia-Pacific region meet clean growth targets. The technologies enable energy that is produced at one time to be used at a later time, facilitating more efficient use of energy, generating revenues for asset owners and developers, and enabling greater penetration of renewables onto the grid therefore accelerating the clean energy transition.

The Energy Storage Summit Asia is here to help give clarity on this nascent, yet quickly growing market, which is expected to grow to $3.16 billion by 2026. The event will bring together a community of credible independent generators, policymakers, banks, funds, off-takers and technology providers to give you clarity on:

How to ensure you have a reliable, clean and cost-effective supply of power by using energy storage technologies
Strategies to generate revenues from deploying energy storage projects across the Asia-Pacific region
How to deploy projects backed with the best financing and investment tools from international and regional backers, and who to seek it from
The best practice for deploying cost-effective energy storage projects by using new technologies and effectively managing supply chains

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