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International CIGRE Symposium
NOV 21-24, 2021 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

International CIGRE Symposium
Ljubljana, Slovenia - November 21-24, 2021

Reshaping the Electric Power System Infrastructure

The symposium focuses on the future transformation of the electric power sector, the new framework of generation , transmission, distribution, and demand side. These changes will require new technologies, renewal of equipment and infrastructure for the electricity supply industry, and
increased interactions with researchers and the public. The changes on development and operation of the future electric power sector are expected to be amongst the most serious in the entire history of the electric power system.
The Symposium will be oriented on new methods, technologies, materials, and examples related to research of electric power industry equipment and infrastructure, involving generators, power transformers, transmission
and distribution equipment, various technologies for cables, overhead lines, substations, protection, automation, and testing techniques.

Participating Study committees are: A1 Rotating electrical machines, A2 Power transformers and reactors, A3 Transmission and distribution equipment , B1 Insulated cables, B2 Overhead lines, B3 Substations and electrical installations, B4 DC systems and power electronics, B5 Protection and automation, C3 Power system environmental performance, D1 Materials and
emerging test techniques

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