Sajt EE postoji od 2006. godine, sa namerom da se sve informacije iz elektroenergetike, nadju na jednom mestu.

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Najnoviji poslovi :

03.10.2020 CE Group Beograd
Diplomirani inženjer elektrotehnike
03.10.2020 MPC Properties Beograd
Vodeći inženjer održavanja
02.10.2020 Elitas Beograd
Projektant/Vođa projekata
16.10.2020 Urbanpro Beograd
Elektro inženjer - projektant
30.09.2020 China Railway Beograd
Inženjer sa licencom br. 451
29.09.2020 Electro Pneumatic Beograd
Inženjer prodaje


Povezani poslovi :

18.08.2020 Ester 71 Energy Beograd
Preliminary solar designer
14.08.2020 FEMAN Jagodina
07.08.2020 Poliester Cevi Priboj
Elektro-inženjer za rad na održavanju mašina i uređaja
03.06.2020 Ester 71 Energy Beograd
Solar System Designer - Solar Installations
13.06.2020 Poliester Cevi Priboj
Elektro-inženjer za rad na održavanju mašina i uređaja

18.08.2020 - Preliminary solar designer - Ester 71 Energy Beograd   NAZAD
Ester 71 Energy d.o.o. Beograd, Kragujevac, Niš, Novi Sad

Preliminary solar designer

Create preliminary solar designs using remote shading software and/or site survey information
Develop array layouts, structural drawings and electrical schematics
Assist the Commercial Project Manager on commercial projects
Review site survey information to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all information to be used for designs
Interact with structural engineers, sales team, field managers and other staff to optimize design decisions
Review all design documents for design efficacy, construction feasibility, accuracy, consistency, and fidelity to contracts
Assist with the development and implementation of sales designs

Fluent in AutoCAD
Familiar with principles of building construction and/or electrical systems
Experience with 120/208V and 227/480V grid-tied PV systems are a plus
Experience collecting and understanding requirements from AHJs and their by-laws, ordinances, and restrictions is a plus
Able to learn and adapt quickly
Able to work independently, as well as manage and prioritize tasks
Detail oriented
English Language – proficient

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