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Solar System Designer - Solar Installations
03.06.2020 - Ester 71 Energy Beograd
Daily Responsibilities:
· Create solar photovoltaic system layouts in AutoCAD to be used for interconnection, permitting, and construction
· Manage the development of full project plan sets, scope of work revisions, line type, electrical equipment, wire/conduit sizing & Solar install details
· Communicate with structural engineers, electrical engineers and electricians to ensure drawings accurately represent system design requirements
· Revise drawings as needed throughout the development and construction phases
· Provide technical support to business development and project management teams when required
· Have knowledge of PV system operation and troubleshooting
· Ensure system drawings meet NEC and local jurisdiction requirements

Position prerequisites:
· Prior Drafting experience in AutoCAD
· Ability to read measurements and plans
· Ability to communicate orally and in writing
· Knowledge of NetSuite useful but not necessary
· 1 year of Electrical or Structural design experience
· Ability to research potential issues and find resolutions
· Ability to reconcile multiple sourced data to make technical decisions
· Knowledge of MS Office
· Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat
· Associates level education (Bachelors preferred)
· Exceptional attention to detail & to work independently
· Excellent communication skills
· Entrepreneurial mindset with a strong work ethic
· Problem solving skills and the ability to multitask are key.

Must Have Skills:
· English Language - proficient

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