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Building Services Engineer
30.05.2020 - C.E.S. Engineering Canada
Terms of Employment: Contract, Full Time

Salary Range: Salary will be negotiated upon consideration and is subject to qualifications, experience and skills.

Working Hours: 40h/week; Flexible Mon-Fri / 9 - 19

Overtime: Required 15% of the time.

Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible

C.E.S. Engineering Ltd is a multidisciplinary engineering company established in 1999. The company operates in provincially registered offices in Vancouver, BC, Calgary, AB, Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC.

Position Requirements:

Education: A bachelor`s degree in mechanical and/or electrical engineering
Credentials (certificates, licenses, memberships, courses, etc.): Optional
Language skills: Fluent speaking and writing English language skill is mandatory.
Experience: Over 5 Years of experience in design, construction and/or testing of building systems is mandatory

Job Duties:

Technical and administration support for building systems design and commissioning process
The Belgrade office is providing support to design and commissioning projects that are executed in Canada.

Typical Building Systems Design Assistance Services

Prepare design documentation including
Preparation of systems drawings in AutoCad
Engineering Studies (load calculation and reports)
Equipment selection and sizing
Preparation of specification documents

Typical Commissioning Projects Assistance Services:

Compile Owner`s Project Requirements
Review the design intent and the basis of design documents.
Incorporate commissioning requirements into the construction documents
Develop commissioning plan
Pre-functional and functional test forms development
Commissioning Report preparation

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