Number of Americans using solar power expected to more than triple by 2030
APRIL 26, 2021 - cbsnews

More Americans are tapping into the power of the sun to provide electricity for their homes, as the cost to go solar continues to drop.

Massachusetts homeowner Peter Samsel recently installed solar panels on his roof in an effort to help the environment.

"I want it to be a proven technology and now it is," he told CBS News correspondent Chris Martinez.

Going solar — converting energy from the sun into electrical energy — cost Martinez $21,000 after tax credits and rebates.

The investment was well worth it, according to Samsel, who expects to save roughly $3,000 a year in energy costs by using solar panels.

"It should pay me back within about seven or eight years, so that I break even at that point and then start saving," he said.

John Pariseau, also a Massachusetts resident, made the switch to solar two years ago. He relies almost exclusively on energy from sunlight to power his home — but occasionally uses electricity from the grid when it snows.

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