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J. Garcia - Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Power Engineering

Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Power Engineering 1st Edition
Editor: Jorge Garcia

No. of pages: 2132
Language: English
Published: November 15, 2022
Imprint: Elsevier
Hardback ISBN: 9780128212042

Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Power Engineering, Three Volume Set provides a detailed reference on power engineering, presenting comprehensive information from a beginner’s perspective. Users will save a dramatic amount of time and effort when searching for foundational information on any specific topic within power engineering. Each topic is covered at a consistent level of detail using a consistent and clearly laid-out structure and approach. This dedicated, rigorous encyclopedia is designed to present summarized information with technical foundations, but also with practical applicability of the collected information.

This book will be a key tool for a variety of individuals, including design power engineers, technical staff, researchers in the field, and faculty, students and trainees in academic institutions.

Key features
Integrates the key concepts of power engineering into a single, comprehensive source of information, thus saving researchers a significant amount of time
Presents a highly searchable, systematic approach, giving appropriate space to each subject in this wide-ranging field, from pure mathematics and physics, to specific topics of applied engineering design
Encourages readers to gain a high-quality, contextualized, wide-scope view of the specific problem they’re aiming to solve

Table of contents
Section 1. Electrical Engineering Technologies
Section 2. Power Systems
Section 3. Power Electronics
Section 4. Control Systems
Section 5. Smart Power Engineering
Section 6. Mathematics

About the editor
Jorge García is Full Professor of Electronics Technology at the University of Oviedo, Spain, in the Department of Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Systems Engineering (DIEECS). He got his MSc in Industrial Engineering in 2000, and his PhD in 2003; since then, he has been teaching in several engineering degrees, at the Polytechnic School of Gijón and at the International Postgraduate Centre of the University of Oviedo. He is currently Director of the Area for Transfer and Business Chairs at the Vice-Rectorate for Transfer and Business Relations at the University of Oviedo.

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